Minister Kelly restores funding to health, disability & other organisations under SSNO scheme

The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Alan Kelly TD announced today that funding is being restored to a number of health, disability and other organisations for a twelve month period, following a review in relation to the SSNO scheme.

The funding is being made available to the majority of organisations who were unsuccessful in their applications under the Scheme to Support National Organisations (SSNO) but had received funding previously from it up to 30 June 2014 and submitted a valid application in 2014. Minister Kelly is making available bridging finance totalling just under €1.3 million for a 12 month period to avoid a sudden and adverse impact on these organisations. The funding for each organisation will be restored based on their allocation so far this year.

Alan Kelly said: “While I am restoring the funding to these organisations for a twelve month period, it is essential that, that time is used to find a more long-term sustainable solution to the funding problems of these organisations. In all, 30 organisations will have their funding restored until July of next year and the services and advocacy they provide should continue for that period.”

“In agreement with my colleague Kathleen Lynch TD, Minister of State at the Department of Health with Special Responsibility for Primary Care, Mental Health and Disability, the public funding of national organisations in the health and disability sector will be reviewed with a view to rationalising the funding of these organisations to ensure efficiency in the use of public money and avoidance of duplication, while providing appropriate support to organisations working in the sector.”

This additional funding will amount to €1.28m for the 12 month period to end June 2015. While it was known that the existing scheme was ending at the end of last month and applications were sought for the new scheme with no guarantee of continued funding, it is clear that organisations had become increasingly dependent on this funding. In the circumstances the Minister has decided to allocate this bridging funding for a twelve month period while a review takes place; the arrangements for this review will be finalised shortly.

Alan Kelly said that: “The review should result in a system of support and funding for core costs of organisations delivering front line services in the health and disability sector in a way that avoids duplication and is cost effective.”

This bridging funding in 2014/2015 is once off transitional funding and will enable organisations to plan for their future whether with or without State support such as that provided under the Scheme to Support National Organisations.