ISPCC’s Shield Anti-Bullying Campaign

Press release – 19.03.2014 The latest well known personality to show support for the ISPCC Shield campaign is the award winning performer Ellie Goulding. Ellie joins a large group of celebrity supporters from various backgrounds and professions all supporting the ISPCC in standing up against bullying, including most recently, Brian O’Driscoll, Michael Buble, Jessie J, Rob and Dave Kearney and Robbie and Claudine Keane.

Throughout the month of March the ISPCC is highlighting the issue of bullying; offering information and advice and providing support to children, adults, schools and wider communities.

Week 3 of the campaign is focusing on schools and how they can foster a very positive and supportive environment for children; actively encouraging responsible reporting of bullying concerns.

Andrew Jackson, ISPCC Anti-Bullying Coordinator said; “We have been working with schools and encouraging them to use the ISPCC’s Anti-bullying toolkit which assists schools to review their current anti-bullying policy, thereby developing the most robust policy available to them in response to bullying behaviours. We have also developed an online reporting tool for schools to use on their websites to facilitate students, parents and those in the wider school community to report incidences of bullying. This in turn will result in a more proactive and positive school response to bullying.”

The ISPCC has developed numerous informational resources for schools to use during anti-bullying awareness weeks and general class lessons. Schools can also apply for the Shield Flag award scheme which aims to recognise the strong efforts being made by many schools counteracting bullying behaviour. By meeting certain criteria in dealing with bullying, the school will be awarded a Shield Flag to display and demonstrate to the community that they are a “telling school” and are proactive in dealing with bullying. More information is available at

The ISPCC is asking the public to support the Shield campaign and all Anti-Bullying work by wearing a Shield pin – available to buy in Penneys, M&S, Elverys, Harvey Norman and Sam McCauley Chemists nationwide throughout the month of March.

We’re Standing Up Against Bullying; Are you?